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Your garage door offers many benefits to you and your home, such as security, boost aesthetic value, and serves as another entry point to your home. When a garage door is used more often, it is more likely to wear and tear and affect garage door springs.

As a homeowner, you must be aware of the signs of broken garage door springs to prevent severe damage that can put you, your family, and your home at risk. Being able to determine the signs of broken garage door spring, you can decide whether get a garage door spring repair or a replacement.

Garage Door Spring NYC

Experts from Garage Door Spring NYC made a list of signs of broken garage door springs that you should look after.

1. Loose Garage Door Cables
If your cables are loose, that means the garage door spring is not properly functioning. The cables are being kept in place through the pressure from a tightly-wound torsion spring. But if the spring breaks, the cables start to lose and slip out of their place.

2. Visible Gap in the Torsion Spring
A visible gap in the torsion spring is an apparent indication that your garage door spring is broken as they supposed to be tightly-wounded over the garage door. If you notice a gap between your torsion spring, contact Garage Door Spring NYC immediately to fix this problem. An expert instead of DIY would better do this task because you may worsen the problem.

3. Heavy Garage Door
You must not have a hard time opening your garage door, but if you notice that your door seems to be heavy than usual and you are struggling to open it, then your garage door extension springs are more likely to be broken.

4. Crooked Garage Door
A crooked garage door is often a result of damaged garage door extension springs. They are commonly attached to either side of your garage door, and their goal is to pull the door individually and independently. If one of them is broken, that side of the door will not move or open, making the door crooked. You must fix this issue right away before your garage door gets stuck on the tracks.

5. Open Only About Six Inches
Torsion spring supports your garage door’s weight, and if it gets broken, your door will not open to its maximum. It may still open, but it could just be around six inches. This may also happen when the safety system was triggered. So, better check the sensor to determine precisely the cause of the problem.

6. Loud Banging from the Garage
You will more likely hear a loud banging from your garage if one of your torsion springs is broken. The spring unwinds in a second, causing a loud noise, and can be very startling. Once you hear a loud bang in your garage and you cannot open the door, call an expert from Garage Door Spring NYC.

Aside from these six common signs of broken garage door springs, there are still more indications you must be aware of. Contact our experts today for more signs of broken garage door springs.

Garage Door Spring NYC

How Much Does It Cost For a Garage Door Spring Replacement?

A garage door spring replacement may cost around $100 to $300 on average. The garage door springs alone usually cost about $30 to $75 each, but you can find some cheaper ones that cost as low as $15 apiece and up to $100 each. Keep in mind that most doors have two springs, and it would be best to replace them simultaneously.

For more inquiries about garage door repair and replacement, contact Garage Door Spring NYC. We have experts who are always ready to help you and answer all your questions!