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Many homeowners do not pay much attention to their garage doors until their garage door does not open one day. One of the essential components of the garage door is the garage door rollers. Rollers allow your door to move smoothly up and down the tracks, but if they are of poor quality or do not upkeep them regularly, it will a rough and noisy ride for your garage door.

Garage Door Rollers NYC

First, you should know your rollers. There are some types of garage door rollers, and each has different quality and maintenance needs.
- Plastic Rollers
Plastic rollers are the most affordable among the three types, but they do not last long as they are of the lowest quality. They are best suited for single-panel garage doors as they can only support a limited amount of weight. Compared to the other types, plastic rollers do not have ball bearings.
- Steel Rollers
Steel rollers can support more weight compared to plastic rollers. Although they are nosy, they are reliable and durable.
- Nylon Rollers
Nylon rollers are the most recent type to be available in the market. They are also the most recommended type of rollers as they are lightweight, like plastic rollers, but they can support a larger amount of weight like steel rollers. Nylon rollers slide along the tracks more smoothly without making noise.

Before doing any maintenance on your garage door, you must cut the power for safety precaution. Make sure to unplug the opener and do not work in an open garage door as it can cause disaster. Disengage the opener to allow you to move the door up and down manually, making it easier for you to access the lower rollers and allow you to lubricate while you slide the door along the tracks. If you are not sure what you are doing, contact a technician from Garage Door Rollers NYC to do the job right the first time.

Inspect Your Rollers
Inspect each roller and ensure they do not have cracks or missing chunks, worn down, or misshapen. Make sure that they only need upkeep and do not need a replacement. Call a technician right away if your rollers need a replacement.

Lubricate Your Rollers
Lubricating your garage door rollers is the best way to maintain them. And to lubricate them properly, you need the right stuff for the task. Avoid using an oil lubricant like WD-40, as it does more harm to the rollers. Instead, use lithium- or silicone-based grease to lubricate your garage door rollers.

Prepare a cloth handy for any drips and put down a drop cloth or tarp to protect your garage floor from grease stains.

Lubricate your garage door rollers with a light touch and wipe away any excess immediately. Make sure to use the straw that comes with the spray can. You should lubricate your rollers about twice a year or sooner if they start to make squeaking or grinding sounds while using the door.

Garage Door Rollers NYC

Garage Door Rollers New York City

If you need to fix broken rollers or maintain a roller up door NYC, reach out to us at Garage Door Rollers New York City. We provide excellent quality garage door rollers and offer exceptional maintenance and repair services that you need for your garage door.