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Garage Door Maintenance NYC

One of the essential components of a home is the garage door, and because it is the largest moving part in the house, it requires regular maintenance to prolong its lifespan. Many homeowners do not pay much attention to their garage doors until something goes wrong, or they won't work as they should be. And this leads them to expensive repair or replacement, and sometimes, dangerous accidents and injuries.

Experts from Garage Door Maintenance NYC advise using a garage door maintenance checklist to keep the garage door functioning smoothly. By performing regular maintenance, you can prevent minor issues from becoming a significant problem and avoid expensive garage door repair and replacement.

Garage Door Maintenance NYC

Here is the list of garage door maintenance checklists you have to follow to keep your door operates for a long time.

Spring System
One of the typical garage door issues is the broken garage door springs. There are usually two types of springs at your garage door: the torsion springs and extensions spring. They are essential to make the door function, and if they get broken, it will be impossible for the door to operate correctly. Even though they are designed to last up to 10 years, they will wear out after some time.

It can be dangerous for you if you try to replace your garage door springs alone, as they have potential energy that can severely hurt you. It would be best to contact professionals in garage door repair to repair the springs safely as they have the proper tools and equipment to do the tasks correctly. And as a homeowner, you should inspect springs as part of your regular garage door maintenance.

Garage Door Opener and Sensors
You may either repair your garage door opener or replace it if you have trouble with your opener and sensors. Yet, it would be best to call in professionals for assistance if you have a problem with your garage door opener because they can help you determine which option is best for your garage door. Replacing your garage door opener is usually the best option if your opener is ten years old or older, even if it could be fixed with a repair.

Ensure to change the batteries in your remote regularly, and the garage door opener is compatible with a backup battery to use if the power goes out. Conduct a reversal test to check your garage door sensors. Contact a professional from Garage Door Maintenance NYC immediately if you have issues with your garage door opener and sensors.

Hinges, Bolts, Cables
Your garage door hinges may be small, but they are essential to ensure your garage door can still operate. Suppose your hinges are broken and go undetected. In that case, it may result in severe damage, including inflicting damage on your door tracks or panels, and it could eventually lead to the replacement of an entire door. The first sign that you need hinges replacement is wobbly or missing screws, and the lifting cable is attached to the hinges correctly. Always check your screws if they are tight and nothing is bent or twisted. Also, look for any rust or corrosion when you check your hinges.

Garage Door Maintenance NYC


Make sure to check your garage door rollers to see if they are chipped, corroded, or sticking to the sleeve they are contained in. Non-functioning rollers are wobbly, uneven, and annoying. You may need to replace them, but sometimes, you just need to lubricate them.

Garage Door Maintenance NYC has experts in upkeeping, repairing, and replacing the garage door and its component. For professional maintenance and repair, contact us!